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Saturday Afternoon Quick Hits

In case you hadn't heard, the Gym Dogs won a second straight national championship to put an exclamation point at the end of what is perhaps the most extraordinary season in collegiate women's gymnastics history, while the Diamond Dogs are mired in mediocrity . . . at best.  

The 2006 national champion Gym Dogs.  (Photograph courtesy University of Georgia Athletic Association.)

As a matter of fact, the Red and Black baseball team is in fifth place in the S.E.C. East, is five games out of first place in the division, and has a worse conference winning percentage (.375) than 10 of the other 11 squads in the league.  

Unfortunately, the poor play of the Diamond Dogs is not the worst news to have come down the pike in recent days.  As reported by The Blue-Gray Sky, high school junior Jimmy Clausen, described as "the most lusted after 16-year old since Lindsey Lohan," has committed to play quarterback for Notre Dame.  

By the way, I Googled it and it turns out that Miss Lohan spells it Lindsay, not Lindsey . . . just like the Georgia receiver who caught the 93-yard touchdown pass from Buck Belue.

The fact that Notre Dame nabbed Jimmy Clausen is itself of no great significance to Bulldog fans.  It's understandable why a top-tier high school Q.B. would want to go play for Charlie Weis, where he likely will receive quality instruction that will prepare him for the N.F.L.  

What makes this bad news for Georgia boosters is the fact that Tennessee didn't get him.  Jimmy Clausen is the younger brother of Casey Clausen and Rick Clausen, the former Volunteer quarterbacks who (as E.S.P.N. reports) "say Jimmy is more accurate, more unflappable and more polished a player."  Well, no kidding.  I'm a more accurate, more unflappable, and more polished quarterback than those two losers.  

Nothing would have pleased me more than the announcement that another Clausen would be lining up under center for the Big Orange.  It would've been fine with me if Mrs. Clausen kept giving birth to Tennessee signal-callers and Mrs. Bailey kept giving birth to Georgia defenders from now until the end of time.  I'd sleep well at night knowing that at least three of the next four Georgia-Tennessee games were safe wins for the 'Dawgs.  

Casey Clausen, shown here preparing to beat Georgia with one arm tied behind his back.  (Not pictured:  Georgia beating Tennessee five out of the last six years.)

Alas, it was not to be.  Little Jimmy elected instead to go play for a guy with an actual history of being able to develop quarterbacks rather than spend his collegiate career getting driven into the dirt by fellows wearing silver britches.  To each his own.  

All kidding aside, though, there has been some legitimate bad news in Bulldog Nation, as has been brought to our attention by the Georgia Sports Blog:  Bill Dooley, the brother of Vince Dooley and a former Georgia offensive line coach, is in critical condition at a North Carolina hospital.  

Bill Dooley was the head coach at North Carolina from 1967 to 1977, at Virginia Tech from 1978 to 1986, and at Wake Forest from 1987 to 1992.  Naturally, all of us in Bulldog Nation will keep the Dooley family in our prayers.  

On a lighter note, the intercollegiate athletics blogosphere has added a new Ohio State Buckeyes booster to the mix.  The 614 (that's the area code in Columbus) debuted on Wednesday and the author had this to say on Friday:  

Then there's also Dawg Sports, run by tkyleking, which is one of those college football blogs everyone must be aware of.  It's in the Terms and Conditions when you sign up for a Blogger account.  Take a look if you don't believe me.

Naturally, I appreciated the mention and I send my thanks to Sean.  By the way, for whatever it might be worth, although the screen name is in lower case and all run together, the real name is T. Kyle King . . . but we're all friends here, so you can call me Kyle.  

Over to the right, the diaries are starting to generate some conversation (including a possible explanation of why Lindsay Scott, rather than Lindsay Lohan, was pictured in this posting and an interesting proposal regarding a possible joint T.V. venture between Dawg Sports and Burnt Orange Nation), so be sure to check 'em out and sign up for one yourself.  

Also, feel free to share your thoughts on Pete Rose and Cooperstown, possible non-conference opponents such as Michigan or Notre Dame, The S.E.C. Junior, or any other issues of note in the college football blogosphere or right here in Bulldog Nation.  

Go 'Dawgs!