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Comings and Goings

The Georgia Sports Blog has the breaking story on the new basketball recruit landed by Dennis Felton, but, for me, the biggest Bulldog news of the day isn't an arrival, but rather a departure:  Bobby Gaston is stepping down as the S.E.C.'s supervisor of officials, making way for a replacement who, hopefully, will be (a) unbiased, (b) competent, or (c) both of the above.  

"No one thinks like Gaston, no one stinks like Gaston, no one pushes us over the brink like Gaston. . . ."  (Image courtesy Disney.)

Dawgnoxious has all the details on Gaston's ham-handed mishandling of all things Bulldog, to which I would add only that the quotation came from a Munchkin, not from me . . . but I second the sentiment, nevertheless.  

That's really all I had to report, so, since the first one went over so well this morning, here's another picture of Kristin Davis for your afternoon appreciation:  

Go 'Dawgs!