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Tuesday Morning Quick Hits

Here are a few links of interest to check out before diving too deeply into your workday. . . .  

  • The Realist leaps to the defense of the Goal Line Stalker.  When you expend some ink (metaphorically speaking, of course) in support of Herschel Walker, you get to lead off the next edition of Dawg Sports quick hits.  
  • Kanu, Georgia fan and California resident, shares a story that will break your heart and make your mouth water:  he seldom gets to eat at Chick-fil-A, yet he was forced to drive by it four times in eight days . . . all on Sundays, when the restaurant is closed.  Kanu, those of us who have access to Chick-fil-A 24/6 feel your pain.  I'll think about you the next time I drive by "The Chick" at the intersection of Highway 19-41 and S. Truett Cathy Highway.  
  • Orson Swindle is getting back to the basics . . . and it doesn't get much more basic than the 4-3.  Orson shares a bit too much about a couple of private psychological hang-ups of his, but, otherwise, he does as fine a job of relating the fundamentals in an entertaining and informative way as anyone this side of John Madden.  Be sure to look for the Camille Paglia quotation, by the way.  
  • Last but by no means least, Sunday Morning Quarterback is continuing his absurdly early preseason breakdowns, the sequence of which could not be more random if they were being posted by the Doctor while on the run from the Black Guardian.  S.M.Q. has lurched uncontrollably back into S.E.C. country to give us his take on Alabama.  
Go 'Dawgs!