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Lunch Hour Quick Hits

Here are a couple or three points to ponder during your lunch break (or, at least, ones that I pondered during my lunch break):  

  • The rational basis for my efforts to enlist the aid of E.S.P.N. in attempting to get a Georgia-Michigan game scheduled has been confirmed over at The M Zone, where it is stated explicitly who really controls the Wolverines' football slate.  
  • Paul Westerdawg shares some thoughts on this whole weblogging enterprise and concludes (correctly) that, while most fans may be frustrated would-be athletes, most webloggers are not frustrated would-be sports reporters.  
  • My latest efforts to jump-start The Movement have generated some discussion, including a comment by Nico that directs us to his weblog.  Check out his research when you get the chance.  
  • Finally, I'm usually directing you toward the diaries on the right, but, this time, I'm going to urge you to look to the left, where you will find the Bulldog headline feed.  While this does not replace such fine services as those provided by the Dawg Bone, it does help keep you up to date with current events in Bulldog Nation right here at Dawg Sports.  
Go 'Dawgs!