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Wednesday Evening Quick Hits: Jackbooted Thug Edition

As if there hadn't been enough coverage of the G-Day game already, Sports Illustrated has gotten in on the act.  

For the foregoing tip, as well as for a wealth of other information related to Georgia athletics, I must give credit to the Dawg Bone.  If you're not visiting the Dawg Bone on a daily basis, you simply cannot consider yourself a fully informed citizen of Bulldog Nation.  

I've tried to talk up the diaries available along the right-hand side of your screen and here's why:  the proprietor of Burnt Orange Nation used his diary to share this video.  

Bill Buckner and I can't bear to watch, but you can, provided you have Windows Media Player 9.

Doug Gillett's and my mutual friend from college, Benj, will be reading his famous Waffle House essay (most recently delivered at the alumni meeting celebrating the 186th anniversary of the founding of the Phi Kappa Literary Society, to which both Benj and I belong) on Friday as part of a Southern literature panel.  It's worth hearing, so, if you're going to be in the vicinity of the Marriott Marquis, go by and give a listen.  

Elsewhere in the Bulldog blogosphere, Donnie Trismegistus has augmented my thoughts on naming sons by adding his ideas on christening daughters.  

Is Sam Elliott secretly a Southeastern Conference sideline mascot?  See below for details.

Our friends over at The M Zone have done it again, offering their logo Rorschach test.  

What world leader does Oklahoma State's emblem most closely resemble?  What body of water appears on the side of Stanford's helmets?  What pugnacious Hybernian is apt to ask you to identify your favorite curse word, your most hated sound, and what you hope to hear God say to you when you get to Heaven?  Drop by The M Zone before you hear about it on E.S.P.N. Radio.  

Over at the Georgia Sports Blog, he goes by the handle "Dawgnoxious," but I like to think of him as the attorney general of Bulldog Nation, as he goes after injustices against University of Georgia students, alumni, and fans the way Bobby Kennedy went after Jimmy Hoffa.  

Dawgnoxious has directed our attention to the latest instance of jackbooted thuggery by the same sort of enlightened federal employees who put down the Whiskey Rebellion and gave us Ruby Ridge and the Waco fiasco:  the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms---perhaps the most explicitly anti-Southern arm of the national government---took down a "suspicious individual" and held him "in investigative detention" for the heinous affront of being a college sophomore who wore a ninja costume to an event at the Wesley Foundation.  

A swarm of overzealous federal agents boldly apprehended a suspicious Methodist ninja in broad daylight on the University of Georgia campus.  (Photograph courtesy Kathleen Ruark via The Red & Black.)

The young man, a Macon native with the wonderfully Southern literary nomenclature of Jeremiah Ransom, "was found to have violated no criminal laws and was not arrested," although that didn't prevent an A.T.F. agent from ramming his knee into the kid's neck on the concrete outside of Snelling Dining Hall.  Ransom was clad in "black sweatpants and an athletic T-shirt with one red bandanna covering the bottom half of his face."  

Naturally, this was sufficient provocation for the federales to open up a can on a defenseless teenager.  Explained Special Agent in Charge Vanessa McLemore:  "Seeing someone with something across the face, from a federal standpoint---that's not right."  

In some countries, a woman can get herself into big trouble by going out in public without covering her face; perversely, Agent McLemore indicates that a youth can get himself into big trouble with the U.S. government by going out in public while covering his face.  Accordingly, the A.T.F. agents drew their sidearms and pointed them at a college student who was dressed up for a pirate party.  

How out of line were these trigger-happy minions of the central government?  So much so that, according to Ransom, University Police Chief Jimmy Williamson, not hitherto known as a voice of judgment and restraint, told the student that "the incident should not have been handled in such a manner and he would file a complaint with the ATF."  

I'm basically the only lawyer in Georgia who doesn't golf, so it isn't really my thing, but, if you like to hit the links, I'd encourage you to hit this link.

On a much lighter note, the Georgia Sports Blog also reports that Football Huddle 3.0 is hosting a golf tournament in Newnan.  If you're where you can get to the Summergrove Golf Club on May 20, 82 would welcome your participation.  

Finally, since 82's name . . . er, number . . . has come up, his advocacy of the Bulldogs' return to wearing red pants on the road (which Dawg Sports wholeheartedly supports) has generated much discussion.  Civil debate and open exchange are healthy for Bulldog Nation, so I encourage you to join in the conversation, whether in the comments or in the diaries.  

D.J. Shockley and red road britches.  The classics endure forever.

Go 'Dawgs!