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Just Like Herschel Used to Wear

As noted by Paul Westerdawg, Ohio State's uniform pants recently underwent a "change from shimmering gray . . . to a matte gray finish."  

Photograph courtesy Buckeye Commentary.

When Paul pointed out that the Georgia uniform had undergone a similar transition from silver britches to grey pants, I stated my preference for the traditional silver britches at home and red pants on the road.  

At that point, our good friend 82 joined the conversation, pointing out both at the Georgia Sports Blog and at Dawg Sports that he had offered photographic proof of the wisdom of returning to red pants at Football Huddle 3.0.  

My thanks go out to 82 for providing a latter-day example of just how good the red road britches would look if the look of the late '70s---last seen in Knoxville in the Bulldogs' 1980 season opener---were to be brought back in the 21st century.  

Since the pictures he provided were too good not to share, I have taken the liberty of reproducing a couple or three of them below, with all due credit to 82 for doing such fine work on behalf of Bulldog Nation:  

Photographs courtesy 82 via Football Huddle 3.0.

For the full-sized versions, follow the link 82 provided.  

I hope to see the 'Dawgs take the field wearing red britches when Georgia plays Michigan in Ann Arbor.  

Go 'Dawgs!