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Comedy and Tragedy

Conflicting versions of Bloggerpalooza already were abundant, but to these divergent accounts must now be added Ann's unvarnished assessment of events.  

It should be noted that Ann has a good sense of humor.  It is to be hoped that my wife does, too.  Needless to say, I categorically deny every aspect of her rendition . . . except for the part about the birds.  Ann absolutely nailed the part about the birds.  

That takes care of the comedy portion of our program this afternoon.  Now we turn to a much more somber topic.  

As has been reported widely by Warren St. John, Orson Swindle, and Paul Westerdawg, 'Bama booster Logan Young, whose name most college sports fans associate with the Albert Means scandal, was found dead in his home earlier and his demise ostensibly is the subject of a homicide investigation.  

While some S.E.C. football fans have chosen to greet this tragedy with crassness, Warren St. John rightly lambastes those who place partisanship over compassion in such sad circumstances as these.  Naturally, our thoughts and prayers go out to the Young family during this trying time.  

Finally, to end on a more upbeat note, a Dawg Sports reader was kind enough to provide a link that shows us exactly how the Bulldogs would look if the team went back to wearing red pants on the road.  

Thanks for making the point so effectively, 82; we rest our case.  

Go 'Dawgs!