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Elsewhere in the Blogosphere . . .

It's time for a quick jog around the blogosphere to see what else is going on in the intercollegiate athletics weblogging community.  

Burnt Orange Nation and I'm a Realist offer spirited defenses of Barry Bonds.  Paul Westerdawg argues instead that Bonds "should be banned from baseball BEFORE he breaks Aaron's record."  For what it's worth, I'm with Paul on this one.  

Because I refuse to post a picture of his cheating scumbag son.  

On a less controversial subject, Paul Westerdawg also celebrated his 500,000th page view and Hey Jenny Slater just commemorated its first anniversary.  Congratulations are due to them both.  

Among Michigan webloggers, MGoBlog's Brian evaluates the Wolverines' coaching staff according to The Fat Bald Guy Rule and The M Zone's Yost offers a truly disturbing and unsafe for work caption contest in which I will not be participating.  

For a photograph more suitable for any social setting, check out David Cutcliffe's animatronic corpse at Braves and Birds.  

David Cutcliffe in happier times.  

I can't imagine that anyone who reads Dawg Sports doesn't also read them, but Orson and Stranko are up to their usual shenanigans, offering up a serviceable impersonation of The Onion and an almost serviceable impersonation of actual journalism with their Paul Finebaum interview.  

The G-Day game is 32 days away.  I signed up to bring the fried chicken to Bloggerpalooza '06, which met with a disturbing degree of enthusiasm from Orson.  I wonder if there's any chance of getting Warren St. John to attend the tailgate and stage a book signing?  

Artist's rendering of Orson Swindle at Bloggerpalooza '06.  

Swamp Ball was nice enough to link to me, so he gets a link in return.  The same goes for Ryan at The Highland Road Blog.  Hey, that's how you get to 500,000 page views, folks.  

Finally, Bruins Nation has the low-down on the best game-changing prank in recent memory.  

Go 'Dawgs!