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Southern Cal 9, Georgia 5

Every 'Dawg may have its day, but, as they say, you win some and you lose some.  File this under the heading of "you lose some."  

On Friday, the Diamond Dogs, making their first West Coast road trip in the history of the Georgia baseball program, dropped the second game of their series with Southern Cal in Los Angeles.  It was the Red and Black's first loss of the season in a non-exhibition outing.  

Brooks Brown had a rocky start, giving up three runs, four hits, and six walks in five innings.  The Bulldogs clung to a one-run lead when Brown left the mound, but a six-run rally by the Trojans in the seventh inning enabled to U.S.C. to claim a 9-5 victory over the visiting squad from the Classic City.  

Georgia gave up 10 walks, committed a pair of errors, and struck a couple of batters on errant throws.  Friday was not a good day for the Diamond Dogs, but the Red and Black remained in a position to take two out of three games from Southern Cal and return from their road trip with an 8-1 ledger.  

Go 'Dawgs!