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The Polls Have Now Closed

The people have spoken and what probably was not an altogether unbiased electorate expressed its preference clearly:  a majority of 51 voters out of 100 participants decreed that the best current active college football head coach never to have won a national championship is . . . Mark Richt.  

Virginia Tech's Frank Beamer finished a strong second with 30 votes and Notre Dame's Charlie Weis, who produced impressive results in his first season on the sideline in South Bend, rounded out the top three (no, that wasn't a fat joke) with nine votes.  

The rest of the field consisted of coaches whose vote totals were lower than I would have expected:  Iowa's Kirk Ferentz received five votes; Auburn's Tommy Tuberville, three; Florida's Urban Meyer and Cal's Jeff Tedford, one apiece; and Oregon's Mike Bellotti and Louisville's Bobby Petrino, none.  

I interpret those results to mean that my readership is high in Bulldog Nation and low in the Pacific Northwest.  Also, only three students at the Alabama Polytechnic Institute know how to point and click using a mouse.  Go figure.  

The new poll question is up and running on the right-hand side of your screen.  As always, bear in mind that the question was written by a lawyer, so pay close attention to the wording.  The question is which Bulldog Q.B. will be starting under center against Tennessee.  

In other words, I am taking it as a given that Joe T. will start the season opener against Western Kentucky.  Will the Georgia legacy stave off challenges from his younger teammates to retain the job or will one of the other contenders unseat him . . . and, if so, which one?  

Your thoughts go in the comments below and your votes go in the ballot box to your right.  Remember, this is Georgia, so vote early, vote often, and, when in doubt, bring an extra basket of votes from Telfair County.  

Go 'Dawgs!