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Elsewhere in the Blogosphere. . . .

Paul Westerdawg has the spring practice low-down for several major rivals of the 'Dawgs.  

Georgia's comedy of errors over innocuous traffic citations continued with Mark Richt's reported recent speeding ticket.  Did that improve Georgia's standing in the race for the Fulmer Cup?  Check out Every Day Should Be Saturday for the answer.  

Over at Hey Jenny Slater, Doug Gillett has put on a clinic on how to respond to The Weekly Weblogger Challenge.  

Special thanks go out to the Dawg Sports reader who left the comment informing the rest of Bulldog Nation that an internship is available with the Georgia athletic association.  

This is a good opportunity for us to get a card-carrying supporter of The Movement on the inside, to promote the idea of a Georgia-Michigan home and home series in the corridors of Butts-Mehre Heritage Hall.  If you're interested, here's your chance to apply to do the hard work of freedom.  

Contrary to popular belief, Butts-Mehre Heritage Hall is not capable of destroying Alderaan.  

SportsBlog Nation welcomes a new addition in the form of A Sea of Blue, a weblog devoted to the Kentucky Wildcats.  Between A Sea of Blue, Swamp Ball, and Dawg Sports, half of the S.E.C. East is now represented here at S.B. Nation.  

The burgeoning ranks of the weblogging community also have expanded with the addition of Chewbacca and Ohio State's foul-mouthed and sweater-vested head coach, Jim Tressel.  

I'm pretty sure that Coach Tressel's weblog is really a satire written by someone else, but I think there's half a chance the Buckeyes' commander-in-chief is the actual author.  It's hard to tell, sort of like when an old friend of mine, Rob Lurie, told a tongue-in-cheek story about Oliver Stone making a movie premised upon the notion that Courtney Love conspired to kill Kurt Cobain and make it look like a suicide.  

Rob was kidding, of course, but we couldn't tell at first, because that sort of conspiracy theory sounded exactly like something crazy enough for Oliver Stone to believe.  Just as you can't spoof an "Airplane!" movie, I'm not sure you can caricature Jim Tressel, who is the Tommy Tuberville of the Midwest.  

Finally, in actual sports news, the Diamond Dogs' West Coast road trip got off to a promising start with Georgia's 3-2 victory over Southern Cal on Thursday.  The Red and Black face a daunting slate this baseball season, but the Bulldogs are looking good so far.  

Go 'Dawgs!