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Happy Birthday, Herschel!

Today is Herschel Walker's 44th birthday.  

I hereby declare this an official holiday here in Bulldog Nation.  You are now excused from going in to work today.  

I encourage you to hang red and black bunting, fire up the grill, spend the day with close friends and family members, host picnics and parades, play a few rounds of Six Degrees of Bulldog Nation (but not The E.S.P.N. "College GameDay" Drinking Game), make a run for the Alabama border to buy some fireworks, write epic poems in iambic pentameter, play touch football in the back yard (while calling nothing but running plays, of course), and give patriotic speeches in honor of this most auspicious of Bulldog occasions.  

If you don't think this man belongs on Mount Rushmore, brother, did you wind up at the wrong weblog!  

Feel free to share your favorite memory of Herschel in the comments below.  

Go 'Dawgs!