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Random Ruminations

A fellow college football weblogger from the S.E.C. East, View From Rocky Top, was kind enough to direct his readers to my recent ruminations upon football fandom, autumn weddings, and Helen Hunt, for which I am much obliged.  

Gratuitous Helen Hunt photo.  

The M Zone's in-depth look at blown officiating calls has generated some discussion, received some kudos, and established that I'm not the only one who feels that way about Jasper Sanks's phantom fumble . . . nor am I the one who feels most strongly about it.  Doug Gillett (who recently had a few drinks while in the company of Auburn fans, yet still managed to come back with pictures not labeled "People's Exhibits 1 through 12") is still pretty steamed about the whole thing, apparently.  

Congratulations go out to a reader of Paul Westerdawg's Georgia Sports Blog, whose daughter was born on March 3 . . . a date the significance of which is known to regular visitors to Dawg Sports.  The little girl was spared having a feminized version of "Herschel" for a first name, but the reader reports:  "If it was a boy his name would have been Walker."  

Walker Percy spent part of his childhood in Athens, but there is no evidence to support the claim that he was named after a great Georgia tailback.  

Speaking of Paul Westerdawg, I may owe him an apology.  His informative essay on how Georgia Tech beat Georgia in 1893 by cheating provoked this scintillating response from a Yellow Jacket booster:  

lying and cheating.  whatever.  all that matters is on the national scale.  4 nc's to uga's 2!  also the latest national championship.  i'll take one win in 20 seasons to uga if it means that the one win was a national championship season.  keep trying though uga you'll get that thrid national cham. soon......well hopefully anyways!

That nonsense just annoyed me, so I may have gone off on the guy a little.  O.K., maybe twice.  

It's not that I don't think he had it coming, but I didn't mean to start a blog brawl at Westerdawg's place, so, much as Han Solo tipped the bartender after shooting Greedo (back in the day before Greedo fired first), I offer my apologies to Paul for opening up a can on a guy in his backyard.  

Go 'Dawgs!