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Late Lunch Quick Hits

The Cuban Missile Crisis generally isn't considered a source of humor, but the guys at The M Zone have defied conventional wisdom by bringing us their take on Five Days in March that shook the sports establishment.  

They also were kind enough to thank the various webloggers (Dawg Sports among them) that provided their support.  Any time, guys.  

While I'm pointing you in the direction of The M Zone, I should note, as well, that they have provided their readers with the opportunity to vent about the most egregious blown calls that ever cost your team a game.  Don't worry . . . I already have Jasper Sanks's "fumble" covered.  

Elsewhere, at the Georgia Sports Blog, Paul Westerdawg was nice enough to steer folks my way regarding my recent posting on naming children, so I will return the favor by referring you to Paul's piece about November 4, 1893 . . . a date that will live in infamy.  

Go 'Dawgs!