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Monday Evening Quick Hits

Here's what's going on in the world around you:  

The fine fellows at The M Zone are pleased to report that, on Monday's radio broadcast, Colin Cowherd set the record straight and (at least partly) got back on the blogosphere's good side.  Kudos to Cowherd for owning up to his error and crediting his source, which was all The M Zone ever asked him to do.  

In a related item, the guys of Burnt Orange Nation have placed this incident into its proper context, offering some insights into where weblogs fit in the new media landscape.  

Colin Cowherd, purported inventor of the light bulb and the polio vaccine, finally gave credit where credit was due.  

Speaking of the blogosphere and the mainstream news media, MGoBlog's Brian has taken the pledge proposed by E.S.P.N.'s Patrick Hruby, whose tired sports story ban, while amusing, is one to which I cannot subscribe, because, if all of us were to follow it, there'd be no sports stories left.  

Elsewhere, Every Day Should Be Saturday's Orson Swindle is a blogger-turned-journalist who has interviewed a journalist-turned-blogger, which may or may not be taken from the plot of "Victor Victoria."  Maybe Orson was just sparring with Bruce Feldman to get ready for his upcoming bout---I mean, interview---with Myles Brand.  

Swindle has interviewed Feldman.  We're assuming Orson means the guy on the right, since the guy who played Igor in "Young Frankenstein" is dead.  

In actual sports news, the 22nd-ranked Diamond Dogs renew their baseball series with No. 9 Clemson with a Tuesday night game in the Classic City and a Wednesday night contest on the shores of Lake Hartwell before returning to conference play against Ole Miss next weekend.  

The Tigers and the Red and Black have been baseball rivals since 1900 and, although Clemson leads the series (64-43-1) since 1950, Georgia swept the Purple and Orange in last year's two-game series.  The Bulldogs are 17-5 and the Tigers are 16-6.  

The Gym Dogs, undefeated champions of the Southeastern Conference and ranked No. 1 in the land, will host the N.C.A.A. Southeast Regional on the evening of April 8.  

The Georgia gymnastics squad will be going for its 18th regional title under Suzanne Yoculan and the top two teams to emerge from this event will compete in the National Collegiate Women's Gymnastics Championships, which begin on April 20.  Joining the Bulldogs in the Southeast Regional are Missouri, Nebraska, North Carolina, N.C. State, and West Virginia, four of which are ranked in the top 25 nationally.  

Georgia has faced---and defeated---every other women's gymnastics squad ranked in the preseason top 10 except the Cornhuskers, who will be making a rare appearance in Athens.  In 2006, the Gym Dogs are 19-0 against top 20 teams and 11-0 against top 10 teams.  

If she gave birth to Mark Richt's baby, their child would be the Kwisatz Haderach of Georgia coaching.  At birth, the child would look like a miniature Erk Russell . . . but only because all newborn babies look like Erk Russell (namely, chubby, wrinkled, and bald).

Regarding women's gymnastics, Paul Westerdawg of the Georgia Sports Blog has called the blogosphere's attention to Paul Finebaum's interview with Coach Yoculan, which reveals why Suzanne Yoculan is (in both the best and the worst sense) the Steve Spurrier of women's gymnastics.  

Paul Westerdawg's report prompted some discussion regarding the light in which Coach Yoculan's behavior casts the University of Georgia.  

My take on it is that, although I don't much care for Coach Yoculan's taste in men, she is a winner, even if her boyfriend isn't.  

Now you're up to speed.  Don't say I never did anything for you.  

Go 'Dawgs!