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Arkansas 5, Georgia 4

The Arkansas Razorbacks avoided being swept by the visiting Georgia Bulldogs, but the Red and Black fought valiantly, falling to the Hogs in extra innings.  

The home team led 2-0 after three innings and extended that lead to 3-0 after five innings.  Heading into the top of the ninth frame, the Diamond Dogs trailed 4-1.  The Red and Black did not go gentle into that good night, though, as Georgia tacked on three runs in the ninth inning to tie the contest.  

Although the Razorbacks scored the game-winning run in the bottom of the tenth, the Bulldogs' road trip was a successful one, as Georgia took two out of three from Arkansas in Fayetteville.  While far from dominant, the Diamond Dogs have looked solid enough to give their fans cause for confidence that their season will culminate not in Athens, but in Omaha.  

Go 'Dawgs!