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Sunday Afternoon Quick Hits

Over at Schembechler Hall, Joey has a couple of questions he'd like to ask you, so give them your careful consideration and let him know what you think.  

Ian's latest posting at Sexy Results! confirms that he has, in fact, seen the Drive By Truckers play live, as I believe everyone should.  

The Realist is back and in rare form as he rails against the new tailgating regulations in unexpurgated fashion.  

Much as William Faulkner added a "u" to his family name "Falkner," the future University of Georgia president dropped the second "d" from his family name "Addams."  

If you want to know the proper way to handle the thrill of victory, check out Bruins Nation.  If you want to know the proper way to handle the agony of defeat, check out Burnt Orange Nation.  (During football season, by the way, I would have pointed you to those same sites to demonstrate those same propositions . . . only the order would have been reversed.)  

Finally, the fine fellows at The M Zone broke their usual weekend radio silence long enough to pass along a report that, evidently, Colin Cowherd will give credit where credit is due on his show tomorrow.  

Someday, when enough history has unfolded to confirm that sports talk radio is the eight-track to the blogosphere's iPod, fans will look back on The M Zone's victory over Colin Cowherd as a watershed moment in the evolution of how we experience and exchange opinions about athletics.  This was a small battle and Colin Cowherd was a minor conquest, to be sure, but the outcome marks an important turning point that gives the tiniest glimpse into the way the wind is blowing.  

Go 'Dawgs!