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Friday Morning Quick Hits

Even apart from Colin Cowherd's recent lapses of judgment, the intercollegiate athletics blogosphere has been a busy place of late and, sometimes, it's tough to keep up, so here is a quick rundown on what you may have missed:  

  • Despite the fact that we have covered this ground before, L.D. and I recently have gone back and forth again upon the subject of tournaments and suchlike.  
  • Michael Adams, the University of Georgia president who never met a power he wouldn't usurp for his own egotistical aggrandizement, has descended from Mount Olympus once more to allow puny mortals like you and me to bask in his wisdom and glory.  This time, he is taking aim at trashy tailgaters, imposing authoritarian parking regulations rather than sticking strictly to the simple solution of providing more trash cans and leaving it at that.  

John Quincy, the second-biggest pretentious gasbag to be referred to as "President Adams."  

You need to see D.B.T. at the Georgia Theatre before you die.  Seriously.  This has been a public service announcement.  

  • Special thanks go out to Dawg Bone and The Anti-Orange Page for providing links to Dawg Sports, thereby bringing the Bulldog Nation a wee bit closer together.  
  • In case you hadn't noticed, it's a great time to be a Bulldog.  This weekend, Georgia has major outings outside of Athens in baseball, women's basketball, and women's gymnastics.  Also, your football season ticket orders are due on March 31, so, if you haven't sent them in yet, don't forget to include a short note expressing your support for the idea of scheduling a home and home series between Georgia and Michigan.  
  • If you will pardon me for a small personal indulgence, the University of Georgia is home to two historic debating societies, which have a rivalry with one another dating back to 1820.  As an alumnus of one of those august student organizations, the Phi Kappa Literary Society, I am pleased to report that, last evening, Phi Kappa was unanimously chosen by a panel of three faculty judges as the winner of the annual debate between the two societies.  This marks Phi Kappa's third consecutive victory over our rivals.  

Phi Kappa Hall, where I learned how to make being a nerdy smart guy seem almost cool.  

* Finally, Bloggerpalooza '06 is set to kick off before the G-Day game, just a little over two weeks away.  I signed up to bring the fried chicken, but, beyond that, we need to nail down some details.  Stay tuned.  

I vote we meet here, then pick a spot on North Campus and tailgate until Michael Adams sends his sniveling minions to run us off.  

Go 'Dawgs!