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The Weekly Weblogger Challenge

The Weekly Weblogger Challenge has been a smashing success since its inception and this week's edition has been no exception.  

Evidently, the most recent challenge was the most daunting yet, requiring the respondents to scatter the items on the list (Jay Berwanger, Harlan Ellison, John Nance Garner, Mandy Pepperidge, and the Defenestration of Prague of 1618) over multiple postings.  

A sleepless night made it possible for Paul Westerdawg to hit for the cycle in two postings.  

The highlight of Paul's response was this hilarious paragraph:  

The Georgia Sports Blog has learned that Radakovich closed the deal when he promised to arrange for Georgia Tech President Dr. Wayne Clough, to meet Harlan Ellison and Gary Gygax.  Bill Curry only promised an autographed photo of Mike Golic.
I'm a Realist was the first to respond, but he "couldn't work in Mandy Peppridge."  Ironically, this earns The Realist an "incomplete" on the assignment . . . giving him the same grade as future U.S. Senator John Blutarsky, who wound up marrying Mandy Pepperidge at the end of "Animal House."  

Nevertheless, The Realist receives honorable mention for correctly quoting John Nance Garner, whose famous assessment of the vice presidency usually is toned down for sensitive audiences.  However, as The Realist recognizes, Texas politicians nicknamed "Cactus Jack" (not to be confused with the Billy Joel song) don't use the phrase "pitcher of warm spit."  

The final entrant to register his participation at Dawg Sports was Burnt Orange Nation's Peter Bean, who once again devoted his entry to Vince Young.  

I go back and forth over which part of Peter's posting I liked the most, his comparison of Reggie Bush to Jay Berwanger or his line, "Do any of the top players go and sit in the window for the scouts like Harlan Ellison?"  

I was a little bit surprised that no one's Mandy Pepperidge allusion made mention of the Bluto-on-the-ladder sequence from the most famous college film of all time, but, hey, the Weekly Weblogger Challenge is an opportunity to flex your creative muscles a bit, so to each his own.  

Recent feedback has caused me to consider making certain changes to the Weekly Weblogger Challenge, so the format of the competition may be altered in the future.  For the moment, though, we will be going with the conventional arrangement for at least another week.  

Please be sure to link to your postings in the comments below.  

The Weekly Weblogger Challenge

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