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Maybe Everyone Deserved to Go to the N.I.T.

Let me get this straight.  

Villanova, a No. 1 seed playing in its home town, struggled to get by Monmouth in the first round.  

Top-seeded Connecticut trailed 16th-seeded Albany by 12 points in the second half.  

Memphis, the top seed in its bracket, got off to a slow start against Oral Roberts.  

From his prayer tower, Oral Roberts declared that, if Memphis advanced to the second round, the Lord would call him home.  

Second-seeded Tennessee needed a buzzer-beater to get by Winthrop.  

No. 3 seed Iowa lost to No. 14 seed Northwestern State.  Not Northwestern . . . Northwestern State.  

Davidson led Ohio State at the break.  

Michigan State, a six seed, fell to George Mason, an 11 seed who has been dead since 1792.  

The Father of the Bill of Rights advanced to the second round, much to the delight of freedom-loving peoples around the globe.  

Arkansas, an S.E.C. team entering the tournament on a hot streak, lost to Bucknell.  I dare you to locate Bucknell on a map.  I double-dog dare you.  

Is anybody any good at this game?  

Go 'Dawgs!