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A New Variation on an Old Joke

Last November, a Georgia fan went to historic Grant Field to watch his beloved Bulldogs take on the Yellow Jackets in Atlanta.  

Because he had to purchase a ticket from a scalper, the Georgia fan found himself seated in a section with many Georgia Tech fans.  Sitting beside him was a man clad in old gold and navy blue.  The Georgia fan was surprised to see a bulldog sitting on the Georgia Tech fan's lap.  

"Excuse me," said the Georgia fan, "but I couldn't help noticing your dog.  Isn't it a bit unusual for a Yellow Jacket fan to have a bulldog?"  

The Georgia Tech fan smiled.  "This is a Georgia Tech bulldog," he replied.  "I've trained him to root for the Yellow Jackets and root against the 'Dawgs.  Just watch what he does when Georgia Tech scores."  

The game got underway and the Ramblin' Wreck quickly scored a touchdown.  Immediately, the bulldog leapt from the Georgia Tech fan's lap and began to run around and bark.  The Georgia fan was amazed to see the bulldog do a choreographed end zone dance while barking in time to the Georgia Tech fight song.  

Once this display was over, the bulldog leapt back into his owner's lap and the Georgia Tech fans in the vicinity clapped appreciatively.  

"See what I mean?" said the pet owner to the Georgia fan.  

"I have to admit, that's pretty impressive," answered the Georgia fan.  "I just have a question for you, though."  

"What's that?"  

"If he does all that when Georgia Tech scores a touchdown against Georgia," replied the man wearing red and black, "what on earth does he do when Georgia Tech beats Georgia?"  

The Yellow Jacket fan shrugged.  "I don't know," he said.  "I've only had him for 15 years."  

Go 'Dawgs!