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The End

The end of basketball season for the Georgia men's team was made official on Sunday, to the surprise of exactly no one.  

Unless my perusal of the brackets was overly hasty, the Bulldogs are not to be found among the 65 teams in the N.C.A.A. tournament, nor do the Red and Black appear on the list of the 40 teams who made the N.I.T.  

Paul Westerdawg offers a complete recap of the season just concluded, several areas of improvement for next year, and regular updates on the progress of the Stegeman Coliseum practice facility annex, from still photographs to promotional videos.  Whether, and to what extent, any of this will have a positive impact upon ensuing seasons, no one can say, although I must confess to a high degree of skepticism regarding the future of Georgia men's hoops.  

For what it's worth, the N.C.A.A. women's basketball tournament will get underway next Saturday, March 18.  

Go 'Dawgs!