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Florida 77, Georgia 66

I'm no expert when it comes to basketball.  

In fact, most of what I know about college basketball I learned from reading I am Charlotte Simmons . . . but I can read a box score.  

The Gators shot 48 per cent on field goals (23 of 48).  The Bulldogs shot 39 per cent on field goals (26 of 66).  

The Gators were four of 11 from beyond the three-point arc (.364).  The Bulldogs were four of 21 from beyond the three-point arc (.190).  

The Gators made over 84 per cent of their free throws (27 of 32).  The Bulldogs made under 63 per cent of their free throws (10 of 16).  

It didn't have to be this way, of course.  

Florida led in turnovers, 16-7, and Georgia trailed by only four points with three minutes and change remaining in the contest.  

37 of the Big Lizards' 77 points were the handiwork of Joakim Noah, who hit each of his first dozen free throws, made nine of his 14 field goals, and produced more points than any Gator basketball player since Vernon Delancy in 1981.  

Only one other Florida player was in double figures, as Corey Brewer tallied 13 points.  Apart from Noah, the Gators were 14 of 34 from the field.  

That's what happens when you allow the other team to take twice as many trips to the charity stripe as your squad takes, though.  Noah's performance at the free throw line (19 of 22) alone exceeded the Gators' margin of victory.  

In the end, the Orange and Blue snapped a three-game skid and the Red and Black lost for the fifth time in the Bulldogs' last six games, dropping Georgia to 5-10 in S.E.C. play and 15-13 overall.  

I'm sure Swamp Ball will have a more favorable review and Paul Westerdawg will have a more thorough breakdown, but, for now, it suffices to say that this basketball season can't end soon enough for the Georgia hoopsters.  

On the plus side, the home opener between the hedges is just 185 days away. . . .  

Go 'Dawgs!