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The Most Heavily Blogged Tailgate in History!

The Bulldog blogosphere is abuzz!  

No, wait . . . "abuzz" is what Georgia Tech webloggers get.  

All right, then, we're agrowl.  

And what, you may wonder, is the cause of our excitation?  

The plans for the G-Day game on April 8---begun by a suggestion from Orson Swindle over at Every Day Should Be Saturday, continued in the ensuing comment thread, and alluded to here at Dawg Sports---continue to evolve and Doug Gillett has taken the lead by setting up Bloggerpalooza Central at his place.  

I'll be bringing the fried chicken.  Coach Richt will be bringing the good Bulldog mojo.  

A good time will be had by all.  

Go 'Dawgs!