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Six Degrees of Bulldog Nation

First, there was "Six Degrees of Separation."  

Then came "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon."  

Now I present to you . . . Six Degrees of Bulldog Nation.  

The rules of the game are simple.  Just as the Kevin Bacon game involves linking any actor in the world to Kevin Bacon through common film credits, "Six Degrees of Bulldog Nation" involves linking any football coach or player in the world through athletic affiliation with Herschel Walker.  

You start with any football player or coach, collegiate or professional, and attempt to connect him to Herschel.  You are allowed to go through shared teammates or coaches, games against one another, or trades involving both.  

For instance, let's try Babe Parilli.  

While playing quarterback for the Kentucky Wildcats from 1949 to 1951, Babe Parilli twice faced the Cincinnati Bearcats.  

Sid Gillman, who was the head coach at the University of Cincinnati during the 1949 and 1950 seasons, hired Bum Phillips as an assistant coach of the San Diego Chargers.  

Bum Phillips, during his tenure as the head coach of the New Orleans Saints, coached George Rogers from 1981 to 1984.  

During his senior year at South Carolina in 1980, George Rogers played against the Georgia Bulldogs, who were led by . . . Herschel Walker.  

Babe Parilli to Sid Gillman through the 1949 and 1950 Cincinnati-Kentucky games.  Sid Gillman to Bum Phillips through their service on the same N.F.L. staff.  Bum Phillips to George Rogers through their player-coach relationship for four years with New Orleans.  George Rogers to Herschel Walker through the 1980 Georgia-South Carolina game.  

Babe Parilli is four degrees of separation from Herschel Walker.  This gives Babe Parilli a Goal Line Stalker Number (G.L.S.N.) of four.  

Feel free to break out "Six Degrees of Bulldog Nation" whenever the conversation lags.  Impress your friends!  Enliven parties!  Demonstrate that you are a veritable fountain of useless trivia!  

Go 'Dawgs!