Georgia strength in the NFL

Just for kicks, I thought I would see how many UGA players are in the NFL.  I counted from the site.  

  1. This is just a snapshot in time
  2. Included ALL players: starters, oldies, bench warmers, etc
  3.  Not implying that more is better
Miami 47
FSU 44
UGA 42
OSU 41
Tenn 40
Mich 37
UF 35
USC 30
Aub 27
OK 25
Tex 24
GT 13

I included the "top" teams over the last 5 years or so.  *GT was just for laughs.  Hee, hee

A few observations:

  • Miami seemed to have more "older" players, i.e. Testeverde, Sapp
  • Maybe UGA should be winning more games?
  • Maybe UGA players "blossom" late?
  • Maybe Tex, OK, and Aub coach their players up better?  Better system?
All just thoughts and observations.  GO DAWGS!

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