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2006 College Football Blogger Award Nominations (Part V)

The deadline for nominations for The 2006 College Football Blogger Awards is fast approaching. I have already submitted my nominees for the best postings (both in the blogosphere as a whole and here at my site) and for the best weblogs (both in particular categories and by conference affiliation), so the time has come to declare the so-called "mythical national champion."

As regular readers of Dawg Sports know, I don't care for the idea of a "mythical" national champion, so, since so many fans favor the sort of playoff to which I personally am opposed, it only seems right to use an eight-team playoff format to declare the best college football weblog. Here are the first-round seedings:

In order to make Corn Nation happy, the 2006 blog-offs provided home field advantage in each game, with the first-round matchups taking place in Detroit, Atlanta, Austin, and Memphis, respectively. Perhaps due to the presence of the home crowd, the first round was without upsets, as Brian Cook got by Paul Westerdawg, Orson Swindle sneaked past CFR, Peter Bean pulled out a squeaker over Nestor, and SMQ got by the Notre Dame scrapbookers, setting up the second-round showdowns:
MGoBlog v. Sunday Morning Quarterback
Every Day Should Be Saturday v. Burnt Orange Nation

In a seesaw battle of stats and charts played in the midst of a torrential deluge of minutiae, a last-second edition of Upon Further Review allowed The Lawgiver to slip by Sunday Morning Quarterback. Meanwhile, at a neutral site in New Orleans, Orson threatened to turn the contest into a laugher---literally---in the first half, but Peter had too many weapons at his disposal and the variety of Burnt Orange Nation's approach set up the grand finale between two of the three webloggers to whom I am most beholden:
MGoBlog v. Burnt Orange Nation

Both bloggers pulled out all the stops in this one. Brian broke out a round of Unverified Voracity and was doused with a scalding hot cup of Morning Coffee. Each contender managed to overcome such tactical miscues as postings about hockey and women's softball, but, in the end, history repeated itself as the Rose Bowl result from New Year's Day 2005 recurred:
Burnt Orange Nation 38, MGoBlog 37

Ladies and gentlemen, your proven-on-the-field, not-at-all-mythical national champion is . . . Burnt Orange Nation.

Go 'Dawgs!