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Don't Bet On It: National Game of Disinterest

I have predicted the outcomes of both the conference championship games and the other national games of interest, so the time has come to identify the national game of disinterest . . . and, no, it isn't Georgia Tech's showdown with Wake Forest.

Each week, I manage to find one game of such absolute insignificance that I am unable even to discern enough difference between the respective combatants to formulate an opinion as to which of them will win. That contest is the national game of disinterest.

I'm not entirely sure exactly what the cast of "Parker Lewis Can't Lose" is doing in this photograph, but you may rest assured that they are not paying attention to the national game of disinterest.

This weekend's selection of college football's least intriguing showdown virtually epitomizes what it means to be the national game of disinterest; photographs from this game should appear in the dictionary next to the term "national game of disinterest," so completely does this game represent the Platonic ideal of that concept.

Ladies and gentlemen, your national game of disinterest is:

Louisiana-Monroe at Louisiana-Lafayette

I can't imagine that any further explanation is necessary.

Go 'Dawgs!