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Don't Bet On It: National Game of Disinterest

Together, we have gone around the S.E.C. and looked at the national games of interest, which leaves just one task yet to be performed . . . namely, the selection of the national game of disinterest.

I am somewhat hesitant to declare a national game of disinterest this week, inasmuch as last week's choice got me into all kinds of hot water with a fan base with whom I will have to interact next Labor Day weekend when Oklahoma State visits Athens. Nevertheless, I will forge ahead (albeit with trepidation) and announce that the week's least compelling college football contest will be played later today, as the national game of disinterest is . . .

Buffalo at Akron

The explanation for this selection is simple. There are two reasons why this is the national game of disinterest.

The first reason is . . . Buffalo.

The second reason is . . . Akron.

When asked how she felt about the national game of disinterest, Kristin Davis replied, "Vive indifference!" She's a classy lady, so she knows French and stuff.

The only way this game could be less intriguing to me would be if it was Akron at Buffalo.

Don't get me wrong . . . I'm sure they're both fine schools and all, but be honest, now. If your boss told you he was sending you out of town on a week-long business trip, are there any two noteworthy towns in the contiguous United States you would be less jazzed about visiting than Akron and Buffalo?

I rest my case. That, ladies and gentlemen, is your national game of disinterest, which you are now free to ignore completely.

Go 'Dawgs!