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Friday Night Dawg Bites

Before I get back to the business of breaking down the Kentucky Wildcats, I have a few items of note to share for your Friday evening reading pleasure. These are they:
This week's MaxwellPundit standings have been released and such players as Ian Johnson and Patrick Willis are beginning to make headway towards being included in the top five, despite their not being household names.

The success of such candidates---who are not even legitimate "dark horse" contenders for the Heisman Trophy---speaks well of the MaxwellPundit exercise, both in conception and in execution, and the Rakes of Mallow are to be commended for coming up with the idea and bringing it to fruition.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know . . . you can't spell "Heisman" without I-A-N. Well, you can't spell "Sugar" without U-G-A, either, but I have news for you: Georgia isn't getting invited to New Orleans and Ian Johnson isn't getting invited to New York City. (Photograph from K.T.V.B.)
The new BlogPoll has been published, as well, and, although I did not retain custody of the titles "Mr. Bold" and "Mr. Manic-Depressive," I did finish a respectable second in the running for both awards. (Wait a minute . . . is that a good thing or isn't it?)

There is apt to be even more movement on next week's ballot, as I promised to start from scratch and attempt to apply something resembling a coherent methodology next time.
Congratulations are in order for Mike and the rest of the U. of L. faithful. Although I placed my faith in the Cardinals in the preseason, I went against my own forecast earlier this week and I was wrong to do it, as Louisville took full advantage of the Mountaineers' miscues in their 44-34 victory last night.

While I agree with Peter that both teams' defenses left a lot to be desired, Mike takes nothing away from his team, nor should he; this was the biggest win in the program's history and I have to give credit to any fans who believe (as I do) that it's "all about symbolism when it comes to food."

It will be interesting to see whether the Cardinals have a letdown against undefeated Rutgers, but, for now, I congratulate the Cards and I am looking forward to Georgia's upcoming series with Louisville.

Rutgers alumna Kristin Davis appropriates Louisville's "blackout" concept for the Scarlet Knights' upcoming game against the Cardinals. (Photograph from Star Pulse.)
Finally, while we're on the subject of the State University of New Jersey, I would like to thank Ramblin Racket for calling my attention to the new Rutgers football weblog.

Some of you may not enjoy the Scarlet Knights' recent success story as much as I do, but I think it's nice to see the country's oldest Division I-A college football program being given reason to celebrate. Here's hoping the country's oldest state-chartered university has reason to celebrate tomorrow afternoon, as well. . . .

Go 'Dawgs!