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The Dawg Sports Hat Trick?

Is it possible that I will receive everything for which I wished this Christmas?

Earlier this autumn, I called for three things to be changed about the Bulldogs.

First of all, I wanted Matthew Stafford to become the full-time quarterback. Secondly, I wanted Mike Bobo put in charge of the play-calling. Finally, I wanted Willie Martinez replaced as Georgia's defensive coordinator.

Three wishes? That doesn't seem terribly out of line. . . .

Initially, the Red and Black's freshman phenom was installed under center and left there, where he struggled at first before growing into the role in the season's final two outings.

Next, Coach Bobo was given the keys to the sedan last Saturday and he will call the plays again in the bowl game.

Now, evidently, Coach Martinez is one of five candidates for the head coaching vacancy at Florida International.

Asking for a Red Ryder carbine-action air rifle would be pushing it, wouldn't it?

It could be a merry Christmas in Bulldog Nation, after all.

Go 'Dawgs!