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Georgia 'Dawgs Have Got It Going On

Most of the visitors to Dawg Sports are familiar with the nature of the rivalry [sic.] between Georgia and Georgia Tech, to which I have alluded in recent postings.

For those of you who may be peering into Bulldog Nation from the outside, though, I would like to offer a brief explanation of the relationship between supporters of the University of Georgia and fans of the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Fortunately, the fine band Fountains of Wayne has recorded a song describing that relationship perfectly.

If you're where you can watch a music video (I wouldn't recommend the workplace unless you are or would like to be self-employed), this will explain everything:

For anyone needing clarification, Rachel Hunter supplies an award-winning performance in the role of Georgia and the kid mowing the lawn has been cast in the role of Georgia Tech.

Go 'Dawgs!

(Note: "Stacy's Mom" was written and recorded by Fountains of Wayne and released by S-Curve Records. In sharing the video included above, Dawg Sports is not motivated by malice or profit. If the artists whose material has been used in this manner would prefer that it be removed from this site, please contact the author and I happily and promptly will honor the request.)