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A Point of Professional Pride

I am pleased to report a bit of good news, the arrival of which I have awaited anxiously for a year.

Each autumn, the State Bar of Georgia publishes a membership directory listing all the attorneys licensed to practice law in the Empire State of the South. In the nine years since my admission to the bar, I have annually removed the preceding year's directory from the bookshelf in my office and replaced it with the most recent edition upon the delivery of the latter.

A year ago, however, I broke from that practice . . . because the 2005-2006 directory was orange and, quite frankly, I refused to use it on general principle.

Fortunately, the new bar directory arrived in today's mail and it is black.

Personally, I'd have preferred red, but, hey, a team color is a team color. Call that a good omen.

Go 'Dawgs!