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Game Day Open Comment Thread

Although the 'Dawgs at long last have an open date following 11 straight outings without a bye week, there is much college football to be played today, including the impending showdown between No. 1 Ohio State and No. 2 Michigan. It would be great if the game lived up to the hype; it would be sublime if the game lived up to Brian's epic ode.

By the way, I would be most appreciative if the word "idle" could be struck from the sports lexicon. Georgia has an open date; the Red and Black have a bye week; the Bulldogs are not idle. For all we know, Tony Taylor will be doing his laundry, Matthew Stafford will be balancing his checkbook, and Brannan Southerland will be catching up on his correspondence. Saying the team is "idle" just because it is not schedule to play a game is an unsupported accusation of sloth and I will not have my team subjected to such an indefensible slur.

With the foregoing caveat, I welcome you to share your thoughts on the day's college football action in the comments below. In the meantime, since she brought Bulldog Nation good luck last week . . .

(Photograph from Yahoo! Movies.)

Go 'Dawgs!