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Game Day Open Comment Thread (I Hate Auburn Edition)

The Deep South's oldest football rivalry (or, to put it another way, the oldest football rivalry between Southern universities that you think of as football schools) will be renewed on the Plains later today, and there is much else afoot in the college football world besides, so I invite you to share your thoughts, reactions, and observations in the comments below.

Since this is a pivotal game for Georgia's season, I would encourage you to preface your comments with a brief explanation of your No. 1 reason for hating Auburn. In the alternative, since this also is Veterans Day, I would also encourage you to preface your comments with a brief tribute to the veteran or group of veterans to whom you are most grateful as an American.

Speaking of things that make you grateful to be an American. . . .

We found out last week that Jessica Simpson's Daisy Duke does not bring the 'Dawgs good luck and there was a request for Reese Witherspoon, so, since we're mixing things up, anyway, I figured we'd take care of everything in one fell swoop.

2006 has been a disappointing year here in Bulldog Nation, but the Red and Black can get back on track with a victory in the Ugliest Village. There ain't never been anything wrong with being a Georgia Bulldog that beating Auburn couldn't fix. I hate Auburn.

Go 'Dawgs!