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An Offer You Can't Refuse

Here at SportsBlogs Nation, we like to encourage a sense of community. We pose poll questions, post open comment threads, and invite readers to contribute diaries because we believe it is important for webloggers to engage in dialogue and debate with their readers rather than take part in the sorts of one-sided conversations in which interaction is sorely lacking that we find at mainstream news media outlets.

While civil exchanges always are encouraged here at Dawg Sports, some days seem especially well-suited to the solicitation of reader contributions. Just as Don Vito Corleone felt honor-bound to accede to requests made of him on his daughter's wedding day, so, too, do I feel especially inclined to heed reasonable reader recommendations offered on any weekend on which an unranked Georgia squad hangs a 37-15 whipping on a fifth-ranked Auburn team on the Plains.

This degree of deference is strictly optional here at Dawg Sports, however.

Fire away, gentle readers. What's on your mind? What are we doing well here at Dawg Sports and what can we do better? What are you seeing here too often, what are you seeing here too rarely, and what are you seeing here just frequently enough? (I know, some of you don't get the whole Kristin Davis thing, but I'll be keeping her around for the benefit of those of you who do.)

It is open mike night, Bulldog Nation . . . and my mood could not be better, so this is an outstanding opportunity for you to offer constructive criticisms with the certitude that honest feedback will be given a fair hearing.

Let me know what you're thinking.

Go 'Dawgs!