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Wednesday Morning Dawg Bites

Alas, it no longer matters, but I raised the question, nevertheless: "Should Georgia open the 2007 season against Texas?"

77.5 per cent of you were up for a Labor Day weekend showdown between the 'Dawgs and the 'Horns, with only 22.5 per cent of respondents taking the contrary view.


Uga, Bevo. Bevo, Uga.

A new poll question has been put up in place of the old and the query posed is a simple one: "Where will Georgia finish in the S.E.C. East in 2007?" I share Doug Gillett's high hopes, so much so that I have made a bold prediction about the next three Georgia-Florida games, but some of you may see it differently I wanted to solicit your opinions, as well.

As long as I have your attention, I would like to express my gratitude to the many die-hard Oklahoma State fans who visited Dawg Sports yesterday after a link to my posting proclaiming the national game of disinterest was posted at a Cowboy message board. (I'm guessing someone spotted it at Burnt Orange Nation.)

Due to multiple visits from the O.S.U. faithful, I had a great day of site traffic on Tuesday, making October the best month ever here at Dawg Sports. Thanks, y'all!

"Pokefan stood up in the stirrups, grabbed my bottom lip, and told everyone on the message board that my parents were never married!" Stay classy, Cowboy fans, stay classy. (Photograph from Entertainment Weekly.)

Unfortunately, the Oklahoma State faithful were not alone in questioning my sanity (albeit not altogether without justification, I must acknowledge), so, while some scintilla of your faith in my good sense yet lingers, permit me to state that this is cool!

Go 'Dawgs!