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But, Alas, the Ducks' Hometown Wasn't Named for Governor Talmadge

The SportsBlogs Nation family continues to grow by leaps and bounds, so much so that I (regrettably) am unable to apprise you of each new addition to the team, but, with apologies to the many other great college sports weblogs whose arrival upon the scene I have not trumpeted appropriately, I must call your attention to the latest Dawg Sports sister site to join the fold.

Please welcome the new Oregon Ducks weblog, Addicted to Quack.

Completely unrelated and entirely gratuitous Kristin Davis photograph.

While I have given Oregon a hard time over its atrocious uniforms, I was pleased when the Ducks and the 'Dawgs arranged to play one another and I have the squad from Eugene ranked second on this week's BlogPoll ballot. While this lofty ranking was not without its critics, I justified that placement by explaining that, if Southern California had Oregon's resume, there's no doubt the Trojans would be ranked No. 2.

Now, fortunately, there is a partisan author available to defend the Ducks and he reports that Oregon's offense is as good as advertised. Moreover, A.T.Q. also notifies us that the Oregon-Cal game---which I identified as the best big battle of the weekend---will be televised here in the Southeast.

Completely unrelated yet only partly gratuitous Mary-Louise Parker photograph, believed by many Dawg Sports readers to bring Georgia good luck if posted in advance of the game.

Be sure to give the Ducks a look on Saturday. We'll see whether an upcoming Bulldog opponent is as legitimate a national title contender as I believe Oregon to be.

Go 'Dawgs!