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Bulldog Nation Chooses a Favorite Road Trip Destination

When asked to name their favorite S.E.C. road destination, Dawg Sports readers offered a variety of responses, but the largest single vote-getter was the site of last weekend's away game.

Oxford finished in first place with 21 per cent of the vote, followed closely by Baton Rouge (15%).

The Grove, Square Books, pretty co-eds, and Rowan Oak. What's not to like about Oxford?

The always popular "none of the above" came in third, receiving 14 per cent of the ballots cast, which leads me to one of two conclusions . . . either my wording of the question was sufficiently unclear that some of you thought the neutral site destination of Jacksonville was fair game (which was not my intention, but which was a reasonable reading of the question) or some of you like going to Fayetteville or Starkville. Please, please tell me it was the former.

The fourth-place finisher was Knoxville (13%), which beat out Nashville (12%), Auburn (9%), Lexington (7%), and Tuscaloosa (7%). Columbia narrowly avoided the shutout, coming in last with two per cent of the vote.

The latest Dawg Sports poll question involves looking ahead (perhaps somewhat optimistically) to the postseason: "Which team would you most like to see Georgia face in a bowl game this year?"

Go 'Dawgs!