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Good News for Falcons Fans and Football-Favoring Females

We interrupt this weblog to bring you the following public service announcement:

As you are aware, the SportsBlogs Nation family is continuing to grow, so I am pleased to report the addition of two new weblogs to the ever-expanding network.

Although I am not an Atlanta Falcons fan, I am sure that many of you are. For those of you who follow the fortunes of the N.F.L. franchise from the City Too Busy to Hate, The Falcoholic provides observations and insights not with regard to the career of the musician who recorded "Rock Me Amadeus," but, rather, concerning the Dirty Birds who make their home in the Georgia Dome.

Likewise, for those of you of the distaff persuasion who may have been drawn here by my "Grey's Anatomy"/S.E.C. comparison, there is a weblog aimed at the untapped market of female football fans. It goes by the name The Football Monologues. (If you need that nomenclature explained to you, you need to ask someone else other than me.)

The Football Monologues purports to provide an oasis of estrogen in a desert of testosterone. I take that to mean that it is not a suitable destination for my old college buddy who objects to the presence of pictures from "Sex and the City" here at Dawg Sports but it is a fit forum for ladies like my sister-in-law, who routinely explains that she is picking against Alabama for the umpteenth week in a row because she doesn't believe that this is the week that "Mike Shula will grow up and start wearing big-boy pants."

Please join me in welcoming these new writers to the burgeoning sports weblogging network that is S.B. Nation.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled weblog, which is already in progress.

Go 'Dawgs!