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Has the Time Come for a Coaching Change?

In the aftermath of Saturday evening's near-debacle in Oxford, both Doug Gillett and MaconDawg have raised serious questions about the competence of the Bulldogs' receivers coach, John Eason.

This called to mind a posting from my old weblog, in which I expressed misgivings regarding the hiring of Tony Ball as Georgia's running backs coach because his experience primarily had been with receivers.

Tony Ball.

In response to my knee-jerk objections, a thoughtful commenter, Grandypeace, authored a defense of Coach Ball in which it was noted that his experience with receivers would enable him one day to replace Coach Eason, who is the oldest member of Mark Richt's staff.

I am not in panic mode and I certainly am not calling for anyone's head to roll, although I believe Doug makes some good points about the development of the Bulldog receiving corps. However, if the time has come for Coach Eason to be replaced, Coach Richt already has someone in position to take over that responsibility . . . and, as we in Bulldog Nation express justified frustration with the Red and Black's performance in their last two games, it is useful to remember that Coach Richt is a man with a plan and he is to be commended for his preparedness in almost every situation he faces.

Go 'Dawgs!