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Survey Says . . . !

Last week's poll question was a simple one: "Is the Atlanta Journal-Constitution biased against the Bulldogs?"

Honestly, this was a much tighter race than I anticipated; I personally hold the view that, as long as the Journal-Constitution remains in print, it is utterly superfluous for the Georgia Institute of Technology to have a student newspaper, so plain is the Atlanta-based publication's bias in favor of the Division I-A school located in the City Too Busy to Hate.

Throughout the balloting, though, the affirmative view generally held a majority in the range between 55 and 60 per cent, but never more than that. In the end, 57.4 per cent of the votes were ayes and 42.6 per cent were nays, which was much closer than I expected.

The new question placed before Bulldog Nation for its consideration requires another binary decision: "Should Georgia open the 2007 season against Texas?"

This is not an abstract inquiry, as I am actively agitating for such a matchup to happen next September 1 and so are our colleagues at Burnt Orange Nation. If you haven't done so already, please write to Georgia athletic director Damon Evans at and to Texas athletic director DeLoss Dodds at to register your respectful request that they make suitable arrangements with one another to fill the season-opening gaps on the Bulldogs' and the Longhorns' respective 2007 schedules.

While you're taking the time to do that, I would be most appreciative if you could also expend a few minutes on a short survey.

As you know, Dawg Sports is part of the SportsBlogs Nation family of weblogs devoted to athletics of every sort, from college sports to major league baseball, from cycling to the N.F.L., from soccer to boxing, from minor league baseball to fantasy leagues.

As SportsBlogs Nation continues to grow, it becomes increasingly important that we pay particular attention to feedback from our loyal readers. Accordingly, I would be most grateful if you could set aside the next five minutes to complete this brief survey, which we hope will enable SportsBlogs Nation to serve you better. Thanks.

Go 'Dawgs!