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Why Georgia Can Still Beat Georgia Tech

In the aftermath of yesterday afternoon's embarrassing homecoming loss, I indicated that, while the Florida and Auburn games likely are lost causes, I am not yet ready to write off the Georgia Tech game.

Some in Bulldog Nation may consider that wishful thinking, but it increasingly is apparent to me that the Yellow Jackets are this year's Fighting Irish . . . more distinguished in defeat than in victory.

They nearly upset Notre Dame . . . "nearly," of course, being synonymous with "did not." The Ramblin' Wreck then proceeded to beat several undistinguished foes in a clearly weak A.C.C. field, including a Virginia Tech squad which we now know to have been terribly overrated.

Can it really be so that a Georgia squad that lost to Vanderbilt could beat Georgia Tech, though? History answers this question in the affirmative.

Since the Golden Tornado's alleged national championship season in 1990, the Bulldogs have gone 13-3 against the Commodores and 12-3 against the Yellow Jackets . . . and Vanderbilt came by all three of its wins over the Red and Black without obviously erroneous officiating miscues or the use of a plethora of academically ineligible players. In the last decade and a half, the 'Dores simply have been a tougher opponent for the 'Dawgs than has the North Avenue Trade School.

Let us, however, get down to cases. Georgia lost to Vanderbilt in 1994 . . . then the Bulldogs beat Georgia Tech. Georgia lost to Vanderbilt in 1991 . . . then the Bulldogs beat Georgia Tech. Georgia lost to Vanderbilt in 1973 . . . then the Bulldogs beat Georgia Tech.

Do you see a pattern emerging here? In fact, in the half-century since 1956, the Red and Black are 5-1 against the Ramblin' Wreck in seasons in which the Classic City Canines fell to the Music City Sailors.

That trend continues all the way back to the Bulldogs' respective first series meetings with each of those opponents in 1893. Georgia has posted an all-time record of 9-3-1 against Georgia Tech in years in which the 'Dores beat the 'Dawgs.

Is a win against the Yellow Jackets guaranteed? By no means. Is that game still winnable? Absolutely.

Go 'Dawgs!