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Don't Bet On It: National Game of Disinterest

Since I have gone around the S.E.C. and given you the national games of interest (which, alas, did not include Missouri-Texas A&M), all that leaves is the national game of disinterest.

As longtime Dawg Sports readers are aware, the national game of disinterest is that one contest every week that inspires in me such utter indifference that I refuse to choose a winner.

Kristin Davis ably demonstrates how to go about one's life while ignoring completely the national game of disinterest. (Photograph from Star Pulse.)

While I appreciated a loyal reader's helpful suggestion, I elected to go instead with the following as the national game of disinterest:

Texas Tech at Colorado

I hate to keep picking on the Buffaloes, but could there be a less consequential game between B.C.S. conference schools than this? This is the Haven't Beaten Anybody Bowl . . . and the winner still won't have beaten anybody.

Dan Hawkins and Mike Leach react to the news that they will be coaching in the national game of disinterest.

There you have it, folks . . . the national game of disinterest! Feel free to ignore it with reckless abandon.

Go 'Dawgs!