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The Mark Richt Victory Watch

The 'Dawgs once again escaped by the skin of their teeth, but, nevertheless, a win is a win, so it is time once again to bring you the Mark Richt Victory Watch.

Last night's 14-9 win over Ole Miss gave Mark Richt his 57th career victory, placing him just 144 wins shy of tying Vince Dooley's school record of 201 wins.

70 games into his career at Georgia, Coach Richt has posted a record of 57-13, which surpasses the ledgers of W.A. Cunningham (43-18-9), Harry Mehre (44-23-3), Wally Butts (47-21-2), Vince Dooley (45-21-4), and Ray Goff (41-28-1) after an identical number of games as the Bulldogs' head coach.

While many among the Georgia faithful doubtless have concerns about the likelihood of the Mark Richt Victory Watch being updated one week hence, you may take solace in this fact:

So far this season, the Red and Black's performance on the field has been in inverse proportion to my level of confidence in the outcome. I was worried about South Carolina and U.A.B., but the 'Dawgs won by sizeable margins. I anticipated big victories over Colorado and Ole Miss, but Georgia had to escape in each case.

It should relieve all of you to know, therefore, that I am all kinds of nervous about next week's game against Tennessee . . . which bodes well for the Bulldogs' chances.

Go 'Dawgs!