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End of a dynasty? Season in review


A week ago the Maryland Terrapins defeated Syracuse to win their 12th national championship and put an end to the 2013-2014 Division 1 women's lacrosse season. Here is an overdue review of...

Seniors power NU past USC at Wrigley Field


The view from the press box of the lacrosse set-up at Wrigley Field before Northwestern beat USC 12-7 (the stands filled up more once the game started). If you look really closely you can make out...

A Night at the Ballpark, Lacrosse-style


The lacrosse field set-up at Wrigley...worked much better than the football set-up. The last time a lacrosse game was played at Wrigley Field, the Cubs’ World Series drought was a mere 12 years...

MLB Attendance, 1950-2013


See how attendance has changed over the past 60 years or so. Is the current trend of growing attendance the real deal or a mirage?

LEGO Wrigley Field is a real thing you can look at


If you have somehow forgotten that LEGO blocks allow you to do amazing things, just look at this reconstruction of Wrigley Field. I can only assume this will be one-upped by a life-size replica in 10 years. (via Gizmodo)

This Week In Baseball, Season 1 Recaps: Episode 1


MLB quietly released the first season of This Week in Baseball. I am loudly recapping it. Here is episode one.

July 20, 2012: Five Things to Know - Chicago Fire U20s, U16s, Pineda, AS Roma, Aston Villa, Inferno


The Super 20 League is a United Soccer League (USL) that often gets overlooked. It's only a 7-game regular season whereas the Premier Development League has 16 regular season games. U20 games take...

The Sunday Funnies

In which we tell you what the Wrigley Field seagulls are really thinking.

Wrigley curses Fenway spotlight


After reading a story on Fenway's 100th Anniversary this week that didn't even mention it's cousin, Wrigley, I went looking for an article that was a bit more even-handed. Found this and thought I'd share.

Rahm Emanuel's Proposed Wrigley Plan: Good Or Bad?

The mayor of Chicago has some new ideas on how to renovate Wrigley Field -- most of them good ones.

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