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Former Georgia Defensive Coordinator Joe Kines Retires

I'll always remember him for the way he stopped that inside trout . . . and for holding the Gators to 17 points in the Bulldogs' 1997 Cocktail Party win. Go 'Dawgs!

Alligator Army Advocates Moving the Cocktail Party

Judging by the poll voting thus far, his devil's advocacy hasn't persuaded his readership, which is a good thing. Frankly, after the way those people behaved in 1995, I hope we don't invite 'em back to campus for another 63 years. Giant Catfish's comment after the posting is pure comedy gold . . . unless he wasn't being ironic? (If he was being serious, all I can say to him is, if you don't get help at Charter, get help somewhere.) Go 'Dawgs!

Everything is going according to my plan

Ignore the open date . . . and the 19-year cycles . . . and the Bulldogs' record against defending national champions . . . and the fact that Florida will be focused on Tennessee this year . . . and the fact that you know the Gators are going to lose one along the way . . . mmm, false sense of security. Tasty! Go 'Dawgs!

While I respect your desire not to buy anything about the Florida Gators . . .

. . . I received my copy of Spencer (Orson Swindle) Hall's Maple Street Press annual a few days ago and I am pleased to report that all that was changed in my rundown of the Georgia-Florida rivalry was the title (I called it "The World's Shortest Written History of the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party"). If you haven't gotten it, go get it. If you don't feel right about ordering a Florida annual, find a friend who's a Florida fan and get him to do it for you. I'm sure skigator93 would be willing to order a bunch of copies, provided he's reimbursed for his time and expense. Go 'Dawgs!

Go pre-order Orson Swindle's Maple Street Press Florida Gator annual now!

Why? Because it contains a history of the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party . . . written by me. Go 'Dawgs!

You Are Correct, Sir!

I couldn't have said it better myself. Go 'Dawgs!

Excellent stuff from Senator Blutarsky on Jacksonville

It's also interesting to see that Greg McGarity, a Georgia alum many Bulldog boosters hoped would succeed Vince Dooley as the athletic director in Athens, will be involved in the negotiations from the Gators' side of the equation. Personally, I believe Damon Evans is being shrewd here. I don't think the thought of actually moving the game has even come within a foot of his head; I think this is posturing to get more money out of Jacksonville. At the end of the day, I'm confident he'll preserve tradition and get us paid for the privilege. That's why he's a good man for this job. Go 'Dawgs!

Mark Richt, pot-stirrer?

Lists like this are what give the internet a bad name. One end zone celebration and you're a pot-stirrer? That's just stupid. Go 'Dawgs!

Get Your Hate On

War Eagle Atlanta has performed a valuable public service by breaking down the biggest rivalries in the S.E.C. from the standpoint of the various fan bases. There are some interesting data in War Eagle Atlanta's survey. Be sure to give it a look.

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