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Willie Martinez was allegedly a candidate for the FAU head coaching job


According to ESPN, Carl Pelini has verbally accepted the job. The other candidates included Willie Martinez as well as "Garrick McGee, Mike Stoops, Eddie Gran, [and] Curtis Luper." Wow. I, for one, am glad he's staying at Oklahoma. Maybe we'll see another Baylor victory next year, or worse.

Darn You, David Hale! Darn You and Your Optimism!


David Hale, like Rod Stewart before him, is looking to find a reason to believe, and he has come up with several. In the interests of equal time, I feel obligated to provide links to postings written by folks who believe that maybe, just maybe, it is possible that a Georgia sports team will not lose every game between now and the end of time. What I find maddening about this report, though, is the news of how big an impact Scott Lakatos is having on the Bulldog secondary. Don't get me wrong; I'm glad he appears to be doing his job so well, but, for crying out loud, when the players are marveling at the introduction of stuff I've spent the last three years shouting from my seat in the alumni section, it just proves that Willie Martinez should've been fired the day after the 2005 Auburn game! Go 'Dawgs!

Gators Hire Teryl Austin as Defensive Coordinator


As with Georgia Tech's hiring of Al Groh, I greet Florida's hiring of the Arizona Cardinals' secondary coach neither with laughter nor with weeping. It's a perfectly respectable hire, but it doesn't scare me. I doubt seriously whether Coach Austin is an upgrade from Charlie Strong and I'm absolutely confident Todd Grantham is an improvement upon Willie Martinez, so at least we appear to have won the "offseason coaching change" portion of the competition. Go 'Dawgs!

Cognitive Dissonance, Sooner-Style


They're just mad that we've finally gotten our revenge on them for Gary Gibbs. Go 'Dawgs!

I Find This Deeply Disturbing


There seems to be a disproportionate degree of emphasis on Joe Cox's performance, to the exclusion of paying proper attention to the atrocious play of the defense. I worry that Willie Martinez's job may not be nearly in the jeopardy we'd like to think it is. . . . Go 'Dawgs!

Deconstructing the Gators


Boy, I hope Willie Martinez reads Dr. Saturday. Go 'Dawgs!

Jonathan Crompton is the SEC Offensive Player of the Week


If that doesn't convince you Willie Martinez should be fired, nothing will. Go 'Dawgs!

Dr. Saturday Diagnoses the Georgia D


His conclusion? There's blame enough to go around. Willie Martinez's defense may be struggling, but matters aren't being helped by offensive turnovers and special teams breakdowns.

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