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Bernie on the 1984 Georgia-Clemson Game


It's always worth remembering. Give it a look. Go 'Dawgs!

Tony Gilbert Returns to Athens


I'm still skeptical about the wisdom of what essentially was an in-house hire regarding the strength and conditioning program, but, as far as bringing back inspirational leaders is concerned, this move can't be anything but good. I have one quibble, though: the attached link takes you to an article featuring a photograph of Gilbert in uniform on the field, which purports to be Gilbert in 2002. I am able to assure you with absolute metaphysical certainty that it is not a picture of Gilbert from 2002, because the photograph depicts him wearing a helmet with a black stripe down the center, which was a Jim Donnan-era heresy that Mark Richt eliminated, restoring the white stripe originally introduced by Vince Dooley in 1964. The black helmet stripe is Bulldog Nation's mark of Cain, and Coach Richt ought never to be accused of condoning its use. Anyway, welcome home, Tony. Go 'Dawgs!

Former Georgia Assistant Jim Pyburn Dead at 78


Jim Pyburn, a two-sport athlete for the Auburn Tigers who later served as a defensive assistant coach for the Georgia Bulldogs under Vince Dooley from 1964 to 1979, passed away Saturday at age 78. Pyburn played baseball and football on the Plains, parlaying his SEC-leading .432 batting average in 1953 into a three-year career with the Baltimore Orioles. Pyburn's son, Jeff, played quarterback for the Red and Black in the late 1970s, bridging the gap between Ray Goff and Buck Belue. Our sympathies go out to the Pyburn family. Go 'Dawgs!

Now We Know Why Vince Dooley is Proud to be a Kennesaw State Fighting Owl!


As bad as it's been to be a Georgia fan lately, it's always worse to be a Georgia Tech fan. (Note: I saw this when I went to SB Nation Atlanta to check on Cam Newton updates. Please don't accuse me of being obsessed with anyone. Thanks.) Go 'Dawgs!

Why the heck is Vince Dooley involved in starting the Kennesaw State football program?


Look, I get that, when your kid becomes a head coach, you root for your kid's team, even if your kid's team is a rival of the team for which you used to be the head coach. How exactly did Vince Dooley get dragged into Kennesaw State's daffy decision to start playing football, though? He's proud to be a Kennesaw State Owl? When the heck did Vince Dooley become a dadgum Kennesaw State Owl, for crying out loud? Go 'Dawgs!

Today Reportedly Will Mark the End of Damon Evans's Career at the University of Georgia


The discussion of the Bulldogs' new athletic director already has begun, with Greg McGarity and Carla Williams being the leading candidates in the conversation. While I prefer McGarity, I would be pleased with Williams, albeit with one caveat: Williams's experience in athletic administration has come at Vanderbilt and at Georgia during a period of decline. McGarity has spent the last eighteen years working closely with Jeremy Foley in the building of championship programs in all sports at Florida. Personally, I'd prefer to keep Williams where she is, using the financial and managerial skills she has developed while working with Evans, and make McGarity athletic director, enabling him to implement the championship-winning approach he learned from Foley. There are, of course, reasons for preferring Williams to McGarity, and I do not fault those who would rather see Williams promoted from within (or made interim athletic director until a full search can be conducted, thereby giving her an extended audition for the position). However, Mark Bradley expressed an idiotic sentiment when he called McGarity "a Dooley loyalist." What does it mean to be a Vince Dooley loyalist in 2010? Coach Dooley has been gone for six years, he appears to be enjoying retirement and has shown no signs lately of wanting to exercise any influence in Butts-Mehre Heritage Hall, and he has indicated that his focus this autumn will be on the Tennessee squad coached by his son. Bradley may as well have called McGarity a Joel Eaves loyalist or a Wally Butts loyalist for all the real-world significance that label has today. Reasonable Georgia fans can and do prefer Williams to McGarity, but, as usual, Bradley has identified the dumbest reason for taking a reasonable position. Go 'Dawgs!

Vince Dooley Tries to Split the Difference in Color Schemes


In retrospect, we should have been more appreciative of the fact that Wally Butts had daughters. (Hat tip: Team Speed Kills.) Go 'Dawgs!

Derek Dooley Hires Kevin Steele


There's only one relevant question when a head coach named Dooley hires a defensive coordinator: "Does he have hair?" If he does, I ain't scared. Go 'Dawgs!

Is Tennessee Close to Hiring David Cutcliffe?


It's looking that way, and, if it turns out to be the case, it's a good hire. David Cutcliffe has been a successful SEC head coach (one bad season at Ole Miss that got him undeservedly canned notwithstanding), he has been relatively effective at Duke (albeit not at Spurrier-scary levels), and, unlike Lane Kiffin, he regards Knoxville as an ultimate destination rather than a way station. Coach Cutcliffe isn't a splashy pick, but his history with the Vols suggests that he was to Phillip Fulmer as Ralph Friedgen was to George O'Leary or Erskine Russell was to Vince Dooley. The Fridge went on to have some stellar seasons at Maryland (though not lately) and Erk had a Hall of Fame-worthy career in Statesboro from start to finish. If Tennessee is looking to strike fear into the hearts of rival fans, David Cutcliffe isn't the way to go, but, frankly, every guy they might have gotten who would have frightened me (Will Muschamp, Charlie Strong, Tommy Tuberville) is off the table, so they should opt for restoring their program to respectability. David Cutcliffe does that. Go 'Dawgs!

Good Piece on the Georgia-Florida Rivalry


I don't know what "Vince Dooley successfully campaigned twice in the '80s to get Florida put on probation" means (it's not like Vince was an NCAA darling his ownself, and isn't hiring Charley Pell proof enough that you're cheating?), and the final score of the 1942 game was 75-0, but it's some good stuff, even if it's nothing new to Dawg Sports readers. All things considered, it's fair and balanced. Gators, by the way, eat boogers. Just so you know. Go 'Dawgs!

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