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Erk Russell, the College Football Hall of Fame, and Figuring Out Another Way to Skin This Cat


The National Football Foundation announced the 2011 College Football Hall of Fame divisional class today, and the late Georgia defensive coordinator and Georgia Southern head coach Erk Russell...

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Sorry For All the Football from Fox Sports 1


Do you dream of bathing in an unending wave of college football goodness? Do you ever feel like you just see too much of your girlfriend, the sun or your Jack Russell, Bo?  If so, do we have...

Official National Football Foundation Press Release


Note that Gene Stallings was a Veterans Committee selection. That means two of the four coaches enshrined in the College Football Hall of Fame in 2010 came from the Veterans Committee. They declined Erk Russell's candidacy because . . . ? Go 'Dawgs!

College Football Hall of Fame Divisional Class Announced, Erk Russell Not Included


This morning, the 2010 divisional class of inductees into the College Football Hall of Fame was announced. Four players and two coaches made the cut, including one coach chosen by the Veterans Committee, but Erskine Russell was not among the honorees. The two coaches selected were Willie Jeffries, who compiled a 179-132-6 record as the head coach at Howard (1984-88), Wichita State (1979-83), and South Carolina State (1973-78, 1989-2001), and Ted Kessinger, who went 219-57-1 at Bethany (Kan.) between 1976 and 2003. Coach Jeffries was chosen by the Veterans Committee. This year's class brings to 124 the total number of players and coaches from outside the Division I-A ranks to be enshrined in the Hall. That number should be 125. While I do not question the qualifications of Coaches Jeffries and Kessinger, the omission of Coach Russell was a travesty. The Veterans Committee, the composition of which is kept secret to prevent its members from being bombarded with letter-writing campaigns by boosters of would-be inductees into the Hall, played an active role in choosing this year's class, as one of the two coaches being enshrined was a Veterans Committee selection. Why, then, was Erk's candidacy found wanting? I do not believe a sufficient justification for his omission may be offered; the only explanation (and the reason he had to go before the Veterans Committee rather than appear on the ballot) is that the well-intended but ill-considered ten-year minimum for head coaches barred Coach Russell's entry. This is a setback, but it is only a setback. If the rule keeps the deserving out, the rule needs to be changed, if only to create an exception for special cases such as this. I would have preferred to have gone about this the easy way, but, as Coach Russell spent his life and career teaching, few things that are worthwhile ever came easy. It is time to regroup and evaluate how best to go about changing the rule from within the system, so that Coach Russell may be considered on his merits rather than excluded on a technicality. Stay tuned. . . . GATA!

2010 College Football Hall of Fame Class to be Announced May 27


I'm not particularly interested in the corporate sponsors of the event, but the salient datum announced by the National Football Foundation today was that this year's College Football Hall of Fame Division I-A induction class will be announced at noon on Thursday, May 27. If Erk Russell is selected by the Veterans Committee, it will be for the divisional class, so it does not appear that we will know for sure whether Coach Russell has been inducted on May 27. However, we will learn the fate of three damn good 'Dawgs (all of whom appeared on my ballot), with the word on Coach Russell's candidacy hopefully to follow. Stay tuned. . . . GATA!

How I Intend to Vote for the 2010 College Football Hall of Fame Induction Class: My Draft Ballot


As a member of the National Football Foundation, T. Kyle King of Dawg Sports gets to vote on the 2010 College Football Hall of Fame induction class. Here are the eleven Division I-A players and the...

College Football Hall of Fame Ballot Released: Three Bulldogs Present, Erk Russell Absent


The National Football Foundation has released the 2010 College Football Hall of Fame ballot. As expected, Erk Russell's name does not appear on it, but three former Georgia Bulldogs are up for...

Erk Update: To the Veterans Committee We Go!


Former Georgia Bulldogs defensive coordinator and Georgia Southern Eagles head coach Erk Russell has been nominated to the College Football Hall of Fame and his candidacy will be considered by the...

What I am saying is, it's not Ron Santo against Willie Mays. It is Ron Santo against Pete Browning,...


What I am saying is, it's not Ron Santo against Willie Mays. It is Ron Santo against Pete Browning, or Babe Herman, or Bob Meusel, or Jake Daubert, or somebody else whose only real advantage on Ron Santo is that he played so long ago his flaws are forgotten.... The Ted WIlliams/Bob Gibson/Honus Wagner standard for Hall of Fame selection has never existed anywhere except in the imaginations of people who don't know anything about the subject. Look, certain things just do not happen. Rivers do not run uphill, iron does not become gold, time does not go backward, whores do not become virgins, pigs do not give birth to lions, supermodels to not marry auto mechanics, and politicians do not forget the next election. There is no alchemy by which the Hall of Fame may become what it never has been. Ron Santo towers above the real standard of the real Hall of Fame.

--Bill James, The New Bill James Historical Baseball Abstract, 542. James ranks Ron Santo, who was nominated for the Hall of Fame by the Veterans Committee earlier this week, as the 6th greatest third baseman of all time. [What this is]

Ron Santo gets nominated by the Veterans Committee


Also on the ballot: Joe Torre, Gil Hodges, and Maury Wills, among others. Just watch -- they'll send in Wills and screw Santo again. And the Cubs will have won the World Series in the meantime. Yay. I just hope, when the time comes, that Mike Sweeney is recognized for his accomplishments.

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